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BRC History

 Broadford Riders Club was originally formed back in 1991, as there was a need for an equestrian group within Broadford. There was no Pony Club existing at that time and so the BRC was formed to cater for riders of all ages and abilities. The Broadford Common was chosen as the home grounds and over the years BRC and the Broadford Pony Club, have established facilites to improve equestrian facilities there. This includes installing the arena, yards and earlier cross country jumps.


BRC Today 

2010 BRC was inactive for a few years and in 2010 BRC was revitalized with an enthusiastic membership to form a small friendly club that offers members a chance to enjoy the sport locally. 

We currently cater for adults and junior* riders.  Our Rallies are held on the 3rd Saturday of each month, and the rallies are made to order.  We engage quality coaches and try to accommodate what our members want to do, Trail Riding, Dressage, Show Jumping or Cross Country Training. Some of our members just enjoy coming along to rallies, whilst others are keen competitors. We often have a team entered in different TTT events, giving members to take part if they wish. Take a tour of our Photos page to see some of our rally & competition moments.

Our club also has annual awards to recognize the achievements of our members and a Christmas end of year break up celebration. 

2011 saw the Club celebrating 20 Years since it first formed in 1991!  The club enjoyed a relaxing day out at the Seymour Light Horse Memorial Park to celebrate this wonderful milestone. We had a BBQ lunch, trail rides out enjoying the scenic tour of the Park, as well as swimming (for both horse & rider!) in the dam. 

2012 we held a weekend clinic with David Quick and we thank the Mitchell Shire Council for providing the grant to enable us to hold this event. Despite the down pour of rain over the weekend, it proved an excellent opportunity for riders to learn from one of the best.  

2013 & 2014 BRC held very successful official Dressage Days, at the Elmore Equestrian Centre. Our club's TTT Showing Team were in the Top 8 placings - being at 7th place. 

2015  BRC officiated the HRCAV rings for the  Summer Horse Show at Werribee NEC.  We also held our winter rallies at the nearby Mustad Lowdens Saddleworld indoor arena, which was excellent for getting out of the cold along with providing horses with the experience of being ridden in an indoor arena.


BRC List of Contacts


PRESIDENT:  Vicki Marnell

SECRETARY:   Georgette Harrison  Email:

TREASURER:  Sabine Hughan 


Elizabeth Harrison, Michelle Rogers, Martina Mckay, Chloe Doherty, Julie Doherty



Membership Officer:  Julie Doherty

Joint User Group Officers:  Julie Doherty & Elizabeth Harrison

Public Officer: 

Safety Officer:  Sabine Hughan    

Website Manager: Julie Doherty

Facebook Administrators:  Julie Doherty


 BRC Model Rules

The link to our Club's model rules:-  BRC Model Rules for an Incorporation 


Club Code of Conduct

Please make yourself familiar with our clubs Code of Conduct - Download Here