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Broadford Rider’s Club Annual Awards

About the BRC Awards 

The BRC Annual Awards is a scheme designed to recognize and celebrate club member’s achievements. These Awards will be presented at the club’s AGM. 

The Awards of offer are:

 Member of the Year

Rider of the Year

Runner up Rider of the Year

Attendance Award

Top Performance Awards for:-



Show Jumping

Horse Trials

Combined Training

Navigation Rides


How to enter

All awards are open to financial club members, from 1st October to 30th September each year. Full details on each award criteria are listed on the page for each award.  Top Performance Awards, Rider of The Year and Runner-Up Rider of The Year are all based on points earned during HRCAV competitions.

Members  are responsible for completing their logs and sending them to the Secretary by September 30th so the results can be collated and organized for the Awards Night.

Members must also provide a photocopy their performance cards for the discipline they have entered so results can be verified.

Logs presented without all required information are deemed invalid.

Please use a separate log form for each discipline.

Please note that late entries will not be accepted.

Log Forms – please print out from the links below and fill in the forms with all information (including the level you competed at and what class) and results. 

Send to:

Please email your log by 30/9/16 to: 

   Broadford Riders Club - Annual Awards

PO Box 232  Broadford  Vic  3658 




 Below Are The Links To The Awards Criteria


Attendance Award

BRC - Member of the Year Award

BRC Rider of the Year Award

BRC Runner - Up Rider of the Year Award

BRC Top Performance Awards

Awards Performance Log



BRC Annual Award Winners 


 Award Winners 2014-2015

Rider of the Year - Georgie Harrison

Runner Up Rider of the Year - Jackie Waite

Club Member of the Year - Lisa Haigh 

Top Performance Awards

Jumping - Amber Denton

Showing - Georgie Harrison

Dressage - Sienna Haigh

Horse Trials - Jackie Waite 


Award Winners 2013-2014 

Rider of The Year   Ella Denton

Member of The Year  Carol Hill

Runner-up Rider of The Year  Jackie Waite 

Top Performance Awards 

Showing - Shannen Denny

Show Jumping - Jackie Waite

Dressage - Marley Duncan

Combined Training - Jackie Waite  


 Award Winners 2012-2013

Member of the Year  Carol Hill

Top Performance Awards

Showing - Marly Duncan

Showjumping - Jackie Waite

Dressage - Julie Doherty

Navagation - Chris Doherty

Horse Trials - Chris Doherty 


Award Winners 2011-2012 

Rider of The Year:  Ella Denton

Member of The Year:  Jessica Torrance

Runner-Up Rider of The Year:  Jackie Waite

Top Performance Awards:

Dressage - Shannen Denny

Showing - Nicole Salisbury

Showjumping - Nicole Caffin

Combined Training - Jackie Waite


 Award Winners 2010-2011

Member of The Year:  Julie Doherty

Top Performance Awards:

Dressage - Ella Denton

Showing - Ella Denton